Recruitment Associate Editor ACTA

The process of recruiting Associate Editors (AE) has started.

The person should have enough academic qualifications (at least a PhD and preferably be at least at a level of Associate Professor/Docent) and clinical experience (perhaps be a specialist in OB-GYN). However, the most important things are that the person is motivated to do the work and competent to do the work. The person has to be active as a researcher/clinician. As we have more obstetricians than gynaecologists on the Board, it would also be useful to have at least one AE who has interest in gynaecology (oncology, gynae surgery, fertility/reproductive medicine, general gynaecology etc), and of course women candidates should be encouraged. Good knowledge of written scientific English would be very important. We need people who are effective, take the task seriously and are willing to promote AOGS. 

Intresserad? Kontakta: kansliet@sfog.se